Wellness Support

Our Wellness Support blends can deeply influence physical imbalances, psychological well-being, and spiritual equilibrium.
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Our products are lovingly made with the finest ingredients. All products are hand-crafted in small batches to ensure high quality and freshness. Our products are created with no harmful ingredients or practices: No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Petrochemicals, No Synthetic Fragrances or Artificial Colors, No Testing on Animals, and are Environmentally Safe. Products at CK Botanicals include: High Potency Anti-Oxidant Vitamins, Phytonutrients, and Healing Botanicals.
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Body & Personal Care

Our nutrient-rich body products are fresh, pure, and simple - making them ideal for renewing, refreshing, and hydrating.
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Natural Skin Care

Our skin care products provide a natural solution for all skin types by combining the best of Mother Nature's antioxidants.
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Aromatherapy Kits

Some of our most popular products packaged together for easy use - natural first aid kit, well care kit, hand & foot care kit, etc.
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Awaken the Senses with Pure & Natural Aromatherapy
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