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Body care products without harmful ingredients designed to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. We are committed to using only pure ingredients, including natural botanicals, herbs, flower essences, and essential oils.

Personal Care
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Awaken the Senses with Pure & Natural Aromatherapy
Halo Hair & Scalp Formula - 2 oz - $16

Our hair is said to be our crowning glory. The use of this refreshing and rejuvenating blend, together with scalp
massage can have a stimulating effect on the scalp, which may be helpful in nourishing and feeding the hair follicles to encourage new hair growth. Halo Hair & Scalp Tonic is extremely popular with people that take their hair seriously.
Healthy Nails Formula - 5 ml - $14

This conditioning blend penetrates deeply to help nourish and restore healthy looking nails. Healthy Nails is formulated with natural ingredients known to replenish dry, cracked, and brittle nails while smoothing the cuticles.
Hand and Body Lotion - 2 oz - $14

Naturally restore, relieve and moisturize your skin with this light and penetrating lotion. Formulated with all natural ingredients, botanical extracts, phyto-nutrients, and infused with the finest essential oils available to pamper your skin and awaken your senses.
Yoga Mat Mist - 2 oz - $15

This refreshing mist will help keep your yoga mat clean and fresh. Or use the spray to mist the air of your practice space to create a clean, motivationally aromatic atmosphere. Created with a synergistic blend that is not only refreshing, but is also spiritually uplifting.

AquaFleur Body Mist - 1 oz - $12

These multi-purpose floral fragrance sprays are highly versatile, and can be used for personal care and around the home. Each of these floral waters can be used for direct application to the skin for hydration and soothing, or as a final spritz after shampooing hair to help condition and add shine. They are also great to freshen the air or can be used as a fragrant linen spray.
Chill Out - 1 oz - $14

This cooling blend assists with those times that you are feeling too hot, whether it be from the air temperatures, your inner fire (for those women approaching or in menopause), or to cool down that fiery sunburn. May also assist with the hormonal balancing act!

Personal Care